Rodrigo Medeiros is an Interaction designer based in Recife, Brazil, working with information architecture, information visualization and usability in interactive projects and user research in Brazil, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.








Robotics in Brazil is still quite mystified, faced with fear by a large number of people, taken as a complex science that only highly qualified professionals and scientists may be able to contribute in developing the field. In the face of common sense, which banishes the curiosity and interest, the learning of the robotics basics and technological language is an essential field to the approximation and better understanding of the artifacts “black/close boxes” and technical and technological devices that operate and represent the area.


Some authors argue that the pedagogical robotics, exploring subjects outside the traditional curriculum boundaries has the ability to provide different learning environments that stimulate the development of creativity. Although there is already an aware of several works in order to propose or validate the methodologies that are experienced in robotics, a consolidated methodology has not yet been established.


Robô Livre Platform emerges to help filling this gap in educational development of students of primary, secondary, technical and university encouraging the interest and learning about the operation of devices that regulate our work, study, recreation and the most common tasks of everyday life. The technological device, generally speaking, must be understood and used not as a ‘teaching machine’, but as a new educational media, a complementary, mediation, and an improvement tool and as a possible change in the quality of education.


Researchers: Rodrigo Medeiros, Geber Ramalho

Keywords: interaction design, robotic, programing learning, tangible interfaces, open source hardware and software, educational interfaces.