Title: Sketching with embodied metaphors

Description: The influence of perceptual and motor activity on our cognitive system  has led to the theories of embodied cognition. This model suggests that high-level cognitive processes are shaped by metaphorical representations issued from aspects of the body. In HCI, embodied metaphors is building new paradigms for the new generation of interfaces that deals with physical and gestural input and non-visual representations. Our research focus  in a framework of metaphoric concepts based on the embodied cognition model that empowers users with new interaction components for prototyping softwares.

Researchers: Pedro Alessio


ALESSIO, P. (2013). De la métaphore à la tâche, Une bibliothèque de concepts métaphoriques pour le prototypage de techniques d’interactions. Ph.D. Thesis. Conservatoire National des arts et métiers: FRANCE.Publications: P. Alessio, A. Topol, A public 3d visualization tool for the musée des arts et métiers de paris, in Entertainment Computing – ICEC 2011
Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 6972, 2011, pp 136-142P. Alessio , B. Guillot , A. Topol – Une médiathèque virtuelle physique, 12 e Colloque International sur le Document Electronique : CiDE.12, Montréal, Canada, ctobre, January 2009,

Keywords: Interaction design, embodied metaphors, prototyping tools