DMI creation still requires a strong technical background. Based on the importance of prototyping in the process of designing things, Sketchument is an environment devoted to help non-technical users to easily prototype DMIs, using multiple input modes and allowing the integration to other useful technologies. From low-fi paper prototype, to functional ones, passing through movies, questionnaires, interviews, Sketchument has been developed following the same prototyping philosophy we intend to propose to its users. The cyclic process of design-implementing-evaluating has produced valuable feedback from potential users, that have been very useful to back design choices and to push modifications.

Researchers: Filipe Calegario, Geber Ramalho, Giordano Cabral, Jerônimo Barbosa

Demo materials:

Videos: https://vimeo.com/49199339

Images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/filipecalegario/sets/72157635388422680/

Sites: NÃO TEM.

Audio: NÃO TEM.


Binaries: http://tflig.ht/Q4yXBO

Sources: https://github.com/filipecalegario



Organised Sound – TO BE PUBLISHED


J. Barbosa, F. Calegario, V. Teichrieb, and G. Ramalho, “Considering Audience’s View Towards an Evaluation Methodology for Digital Musical Instruments,” in NIME  ’12 Proceedings of the 2012 conference on New interfaces for musical expression, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2012.

J. Barbosa, F. Calegario, F. Magalhães, V. Teichrieb, G. Ramalho, and G. Cabral, “Towards an evaluation methodology for digital music instruments considering performer’s view: a case study,” in Proceedings of 13th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music, Vitória, Brazil, 2011.

Keywords: iPad, DMI, Maker, DIY, Mapping, Gestures,…