New interface artifacts are changing the way we interact with machines and this is particularly important for the musical domain. They open a wide range of possibilities in the creation of Digital Musical Instruments (DMIs), artifacts with inputs (interface controllers) and outputs (sound synthesis modules) that connect according to a mapping strategy.
Contrary to acoustic instruments, which impose physical constraints on their design and fabrication, the design of DMIs has more freedom. Paradoxically, this advantage is a problem, since there is no established method or tool to guide the DMI designer or luthier.

In this research line, we focus on developing prototyping tools, methods for DMI evaluation, existing technology evaluation, news sensors, and interfaces.

  • Prototyping tool
  • DMI evaluation
  • Existing technologies evaluation
  • Developing new sensors e interfaces

Projects related to this research line:
Sketchument 3 Sketchument

Illusion Illusio